About us

CustomEssaysFair’s purpose is to share fair information about academic assistance companies and give a chance for clients to submit their feedbacks. We request a paper from every academic assistance company to verify that the review is fair. When all aspects, like customer care, costs, accordance to the primer requirements, and writing styles, are checked, our team submits fair feedback to help you in your choice of service. Members of CustomEssaysFair provide you with a result of deep inspection of each academic assistance company using the only structure for each of them.


Each feedback contains overall information about the online service including the beginning of its activity, the rise of the quality starting with the day it was founded until now, and qualification of the writers.


Here are represented all kind of services represented by an academic assistance company. The section allows most of the client to make the correct choice in their search for the appropriate company.


Here you are able to find specifics about the fees represented on a reviewed website. In this section, we represent not the only comparison of fees with other websites, but evaluate the relevance of work according to the cost represented by academic assistance service. Our team believes that this is a key decision-making factor.

Special Deals

Most online academic assistants use marketing tricks which give an illusion of lower fees to its clients. Our specialists reveal the truth about each and every special deal and shares true information about the reasonability of its usage.

Customer Care

The real face of each company is its treatment to their clients. No matter how qualified writers of the academic assistant are, technical support representatives are highly appreciated among clients. We always reveal the truth about how fast your request will be investigated – in an hour or in a few days.

Review table faces rating of the academic assistant with accordance to clients’ feedbacks. Every user can submit a comment about a company with one click to the stars at the page bottom. But you can submit feedback only once. If you want to change your feedback according to your new experience – you can do it anytime.

The information about the rating of each academic assistant is updated once a week which means your feedback won’t be instantly seen. Every feedback is taken into account including those with the best and the worst experience.
Relevance, cost and customer care aspects are represented in different bars to make our service user-friendly.