Essay Writing Services Reviews: Are They Helpful for Students?

Online shopping for goods and services is gaining its popularity day by day. You can buy literally everything without leaving your house now. For students, this is a great opportunity to find top essay writers, hire them, and ensure themselves the highest grades in the most difficult disciplines.

Essay Writing Services Reviews

Whatever you are planning to purchase, you want to be 100% certain that you pay for quality. This is why people always check out reviews on a company and a particular product or service before they make a purchase. Considering the huge amount of essay writing services today, it is vital for students to do some research and eventually find the best website to buy essays. Read on, and you will find out how to study online testimonials wisely.

Think Before You Order

Start with finding the best essay writing reviews platforms. They often have their own teams of experts who purchase essays on different websites and then review these websites.

Whether written by an expert or by an ordinary customer, online testimonials will definitely help you understand what the best website to buy essays is. Here are the points you need to pay attention to in testimonials:

  • When you are ordering essays online, you expect the papers to be unique. Unfortunately, not all writing agencies claiming that their authors write from scratch manage to realize these statements. When you are studying customer feedback, look for plagiarism-related complaints, and if there are any, skip this company and move to the next one. Those trying to deceive you with unoriginal content are not worthy of your time.
  • Hidden fees.
    Hiring top essay writers may be not that cheap itself, but when it appears that you have to pay more than it was agreed, it is called theft. Reliable companies should offer transparent pricing policies. They won’t charge additional fees. Have a look at what people say about the prices set by an agency – if the agreed and the paid one differ, keep searching.
  • Requirements fulfillment.
    Is following all the requirements crucial for your paper? If yes, make sure that the company you are going to address for essay help has smart writers able to meet the given requirements. Monitor the testimonials in order to see if there were any issues concerning the improper structure, insufficient length, failure to follow the citation style, inappropriate formatting, and so on.
  • Turnaround time.
    You must want the writers you hire to be quick with delivering a complete paper back to you. But what if you have a due date tomorrow? Then you probably want them to be extra quick. Not all services have an “urgent order” option, which is why you need to study the reviews and identify if the service you choose has such an option and if this option functions well.
  • All the other points concerning the quality of a paper are important for your consideration too. These may include the flow of thought, depth of research, elements of fun and engagement with the reader (if necessary), evidence, structure, etc. Examine reviews on a company and understand if they deliver professionally written papers.

Learning to Distinguish the True and the Fake Reviews

The best essay writing service reviews are the ones that are obviously genuine. You will know when the review has been written by a real customer if you keep these things in mind:

  • Most real customers don’t add a personal angle to their feedback. A review itself is a critical piece of writing. It should not be too emotional. If it was written by a fake customer, it may look too unobjective, containing such words as “amazing”, “brilliant”, etc.
  • Many reviewers neglect such grammar rules as capitalizing, using commas, etc. This one is pretty ambiguous. Some people prefer to write correctly whatever they write, while others skip commas and may even misuse some words when posting something on the Web. Anyway, keep in mind that fake reviews are always written with perfect grammar as they are paid for. Meanwhile, the real ones might have grammatical mistakes.
  • Fake reviews are mostly either too negative or overly positive since they can be written either by a competing essay writing service or by a paid author for the purpose of promotion. Therefore, look for the good, four-star ones. Those rated one star should be skipped as they are likely to contain emotional language, which will hardly give you any accurate information.
  • You can’t judge by a single negative comment. Some people can never be satisfied. When studying essay writing services reviews, you should remember that people tend to share their negative experiences more often than their positive ones. Therefore, a bigger number of complaints can simply mean that some people enjoyed the work of a service and are having fun now without even thinking about giving feedback. In case there are very few negative testimonials, you should not really pay attention to them.
  • You have to consider the length. The length is crucial for identifying whether the review is genuine or fake – if the writer only wanted to vote with a few stars, the text itself would be as short as one-four lines.
  • Look at the details. Vagueness is another attribute of a fake testimonial. Let’s imagine you take this same customer review and post it for a different essay writing service website. Will this work? The text may contain no details and be so general that you can easily apply it to other companies. That’s when you tell this one is fake too.

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