How to write an essay in a hurry

Essay writing is a skill that we are all encouraged to learn and develop as we go through the different study levels. However, what we never really get to hear, is how to write an essay fast enough to beat a deadline or even just for the sake of saving time.

This article will teach you ways to write essays in a hurry without sacrificing the quality of your work.

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Create a favorable environment

When you need to get productive, it is necessary to create a conducive environment that enhances productivity. And while we all have our different preferences, one factor applies to all; avoiding the distraction that social networks and phones bring our way just when we need to concentrate. Try to avoid this by switching off your phone or just putting it away for the period you’ll be working on your paper. Also, when you are typing, try to avoid opening any social network pages as this will only derail and slow you down.

Read and re- read the Question

Whether you are handling a persuasive, narrative, descriptive or even an expository essay, it is crucial that you read and properly understand the question at hand. Nothing wastes valuable time like focusing all your energies into answering a question that did not exist in the first place and especially when time is not on your side. It is therefore important to underline or highlight the key words in the instructions provided.

Gather all the resources required

Paper writing relies heavily on material written by others. This does not mean that you copy paste everything (remember plagiarism is not acceptable), but rather that you assemble all the books, e – books, journals or periodical you will need. This step requires proper planning as you will need to have a rough idea of where to find which type of information. Not only does doing this save your valuable time, but it also ensures your flow of thoughts is not constantly distracted every time you stop to go look for supporting material for the essay.

Get an angle by creating a one sentence argument

While you might find it hard to come up with an introduction part for your paper, thinking of the angle you want to take and putting it down is an ingenious way to start. Simply jot down a sentence argument that will act as your foundation and get going. Do not be afraid to make mistakes at this point as you will be able to proof read once you finish writing the essay.

While all of the above points will help you come up with a great essay within a short period, even during those days when you will not have enough time, it is helpful to note that you can get an online essay writing service offered by different websites. These services could come in handy when you need some assistance with your written assignment. All the best in your essay writing endeavors!



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