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How to Write Better Essays

Writing. Some of us have the gift and others don’t. Not everyone needs to be able to craft an amazing essay in order to be good at their classes or their jobs. That doesn’t change the fact that most teachers and managers use written assignments at their number one way to test a person’s knowledge. Knowing how to draft perfect papers is an important skill to have, but it takes time, and knowing how to be a better essay writer is something that might not come naturally to you.

Good writers know that drafting the perfect assignment has more to do with planning than actual drafting. Professional authors are better with words than the average person, but their true skills are in solving the puzzle of the organization. Let’s start with the basics: The Writing Process. This program changes from person to person, each person naming a different number of steps. This article will go over seven steps you need to take to learn how to be a good essay writer.

The Writing Process

Understanding the assignment

When you are assigned something to write, from your company or school, you must read the entire assignment. Understand the restrictions. Comprehend the requirements. Read through all of the instructions given to you so that you have an instant knowledge of what is expected of you. This step can take anywhere between one minute and twenty. It’s not time-consuming. It shouldn’t be skipped.

Brainstorming, Planning, & Research

This is the most crucial step in the entire process. I repeat: this is the most crucial step in the entire writing process. Skipping this step is the fastest way to destroy any type of work you will do. Now that you have read the instructions on the paper, it’s time to start planning. That means you should set up your essay in the form of either a list or an outline. Know exactly what you will write, why you will write it there, and if you need to research anything before you begin drafting. Once you start to write paragraphs, your brain will focus on the grammar of producing full sentences. Take your time understanding the topics that are needed in your paper before you begin drafting it.

Also, consider how to organize your piece. If you’re writing something for your company you will want to use business organization, which is usually technical language. For a college essay, that’s academic work, meaning you will need to do some research and place that information into a five-paragraph (or more) essay. Personal statements are required to be a certain organization as well. Check on the specific requirements before you write a single sentence.

Draft 1

Good essay writers know that their first draft is important, but great essay writers know that the first draft won’t be their last. Write our your assignment the way you want it. Get your ideas across, and ensure your topics are focused on the subject of your assignment. Write the best draft of an essay you can.


Revising is different from editing. Both acts look for mistakes in writing. Revising is special because it looks for large, content-based mistakes. Now that your draft is in front of you, look at the content of your writing. The revising stage reviews your paper for the subject matter. Check if the paper meets the assignment requirements. Monitor the content of each paragraph and check that your words answer the question of the paper. Finally, check that your content is accurate. If more research is needed, do it!

Draft 2

Take all of your revising notes and change what you need. Add information that’s missing. Remove information that’s superfluous and unnecessary. Once you add or remove the content you need, review your paper for vocabulary. Find places where you can include more interesting words. Look for locations where you can change the wording to be more descriptive or clear.


This stage is fun because your content should be perfect. Now is the time you check for tiny mistakes like misspelled words, grammar errors, or punctuation mistakes. Make small, minor changes where you need.

Publish / Submit

By now, you paper should be polished to perfection. You’re ready to submit your work to your manager or teacher. If you have to format your essay into a special type (ie: MLA, APA, or Chicago), now is the time to triple check that your formatting is free from errors.

When All Else Fails

After reading these tips, you may feel like you are too overwhelmed to begin crafting your paper. In that case, buy your essay online! There are tons of top, professional, expert writers out there waiting to work for you. Sometimes, the best way to improve your skills is to get someone to write it for you!

Buying your assignment online is simple. There are two types of systems:

  1. Paying for an essay that’s already written.
  2. Buying a custom essay that’s written especially for your task.

You can hire an expert writer to draft your assignment for you. You can pay someone to do all seven steps in the writing process for you, ensuring that you complete your assignment quickly. The cheapest way to complete your work is to do it yourself, but the safest way is to give your work to a professional who will take the assignment requirements and create something amazing with it.

Think about buying your work online as an “Us” thing. Everybody wins! You benefit because you get your assignment finished well, and writers benefit because they get paid. You can learn how to become a better writer over time, but your assignment is due now!

If you choose to pay for a customized paper, there’s a high chance the website will ask you to fill out a brief application. This will include information like your email, the assignment length, and essay requirements. This application helps the website determine which writer is best for you and how much money they will charge you. The cheapest papers to buy are short and require no research. Assignments, where research is wanted will result in a slightly higher price because they’re more difficult to write. Complete your application. Wait for a response. Accept a proposal. Wait for your essay to be delivered to you. It is a simple solution for a person knowing a lot about his or her field but isn’t talented when it comes to creating written assignments. Let someone else stress about it!

There’s no decent essay generator out there. Some sites claim to be able to compile your work for you, but those are so basic and elementary that someone who’s completing school, a grad, or a professional working with a company won’t benefit. You have two choices:

  1. Write your essay yourself
  2. Work with an online essay producing company to complete it

One choice costs time. The other costs money. It’s your choice.

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