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When we want to learn more about a company, we look online for customer reviews, forums, and ratings. Buying an essay online is no different. Now that you’ve made the choice to purchase your essay from a website, it’s important that you take it seriously enough to do some digging around for information.

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Not every site is made equal. Each writing service website is owned and operated by different people, which means that each service is provided with a different quality and customer support. There’s hope! Thanks to the incredibly high number of people who already use online businesses to buy their assignments, you can find rated listings. Websites managing to make it to the top 10 essay writing services are there because they deserve to be. Thousands of users compile their experiences in order to rate the business you can trust and the businesses you should avoid.

Top custom essay services will be found highly ranked next to all the others, and there are good reasons why these sites reach the edge of the pile. Here are just a few of the factors taken into consideration when writing websites are rated:

Number of Essay Options

Reliable services usually gain exposure because they offer a large number of services for many different clients needing assistance. Yes, you can buy an essay online; but you can also purchase reports, technical writing, and admissions letters. You can even have your work proofread or edited to perfection. The essay editing services are typically websites where you can purchase papers also. That’s because these offerings have a huge staff of professional custom essay writers who can help with just about any task you require. Leading companies will offer tons of options so that they can help anyone. Websites that don’t make it to the top are usually ones that offer a limited number of services because they don’t have as many resources. If they don’t have as many resources, they can’t help you as much.

How Fast Work is completed

When you pay to have your assignment done for you online, you want fast, reliable service. You’re working under a deadline. It’s up to you to complete the paper and submit it on time, only now you’re depending on someone else to complete it for you on time. Good essay writing websites will finish your assignments fast without losing quality. When buying a pre-written essay, you should expect to receive your work instantaneously. The site should give you access to your purchase as soon as the payment goes through. When buying a custom paper online, you should expect a great business to have it ready for you within 48-72 hours. Some writers work faster. Don’t be worried about this! But most written works take a bit to get going if the author is going about it in a very careful way.

Quality of Writers

Top essay writers are professionals. They are experts in their fields and they know what they are talking about. Good sites will have a staff of amazing authors, ready to write anything you need. These online essay writers will craft anything you need. Be sure to read the reviews about a site’s employees. Outstanding sites will hire college-educated professional writerss; knowledgeable about the topic you hire them to write about. Be wary of sites that hide information about their staff. Websites that hire true experts will showcase that feature. Sites that purposefully try to hide their author’s profiles are businesses you should be cautious about.


I’m sorry to say this, but, if you’re new to buying an essay online, you’re a bit late in the game! Millions of people from all over the world have been buying their papers online for years now. That’s great news for you! Thanks to the pioneers who already use the service, you can pick out professional companies by their popularity. There’s no way a business would manage a high rate of popularity if they constantly provided subpar work.

Years of Experience

Just like a site’s popularity, the number of years a company has been in business can tell you whether or not it’s legitimate. Websites start-up all the time—just about anyone can create one. It’s the site that offers quality work that has been around for a while. Now, that doesn’t mean you should avoid new sites. Great services are popping up all the time. Just do your research and read up about a newer online service. These new sites may not be part of the best rated essay writing websites list yet, but they might be in the future. Give the new guy a chance! It’s writers may be even better and cheaper, than those of the promoted site. Just do a bit of reading about the site is all.

Customer Satisfaction

These businesses depend on customer reviews and word-of-mouth to stay open and operating. They need as many satisfied customers as possible. Reliable writing services will have two things: a prominently displayed customer review section and a high overall rating. When you visit a new page, look for customer reviews. They should be present and easy to find, assuming the company has nothing to hide! But beware of simply scanning the feedback pages. Some grumpy customers will give a horrible review for a tiny mistake. If you notice a very low rating from a customer, stop and read the message more closely to learn why exactly that customer is so unhappy with the service.

Payment System

Something to look for in website reviews is how safe and easy it is to make a payment with the service. Actually, many writing services out there offer deals or discounts occasionally. You want to work with a business that has protection for you, the customer, in the event that something goes wrong with the paper you purchase. Also, you want to ensure the site uses a secure payment system so that you can feel confident when you finally choose your essay.

Customer Support

Nothing in this world is perfect, which is exactly why sites need to offer good customer service. This is a critical part in the success of any business, but it’s something people often ignore until it’s too late and they have a problem. With something as serious as buying your assignment online, don’t take a chance. Look into the quality and response time for the customer service of a site you want to work with. You will be surprised to read some of the user comments related to horrible customer support when something goes wrong.

Ranked lists aren’t perfect. Many people are happy using websites that don’t make it into “Top 10’s”. You don’t have to stick with the highly rated sites, feel free to venture a bit further down! Be aware of what you’re buying into, and look for the excellent offerings listed above.