Want to Write Like a Professional?

There are easy clues of writing an essay. There is an author’s skill to present information in a logical order, his personal theoretical and practical experience. Narration needs to be logical and should have style. All these make a professional writer.

Here are some professional tips for online essay writers to help bring your writing skills to a professional level.

Write Like a Professional

Two simple rules to improve your writing

There are two little things that can improve your creative skills. They apply no matter what exactly you are writing, an e-mail letter, a narrative essay, a professional presentation or movie script.

  • Prepare a rough plan

When you are reading, a feeling of structure allows you to feel if you’re reading something decent. Does your text have the beginning, middle part, and the ending and do they logically lead one to another?  Are you sure you carefully thought your idea through? It is essential to know where you are heading in your narration. If you don’t, you don’t control your story; you cannot predict what happens next – your logic can easily break. If you know what’s going on in the end, you know what your story is about even in the beginning. Things can change in the process of creation, but still, you need that light at the end of your tunnel. Your ending is your compass, don’t get lost. You don’t have to work through all the details of your final, but there has to be at least an idea.

Experts agree that the structure is one of the most important factors that characterize a good text.

  • Read again and correct

Top essay writers are never satisfied. They take their finished work, read it again and re-write what they don’t like. They often change smaller and bigger parts, add characters or throw them out. And do that multiple times, again and again, trying to polish everything, make it perfect, change words or sentences, facts or characters. Finish your text and go back to the beginning. Do not ignore this rule. Re-write what you have already written.

Steven Pinker, Harvard professor, said:

“Only a few people are able to create an argument and present it in a clear text. Most writers need to create their writing at least two times for that. When all ideas are formed, they need to be polished and sharpened. Good texts are born in repetitive reading, correction, changing the order of separate parts”.

Surprise your reader

Surprise means disappoint one’s expectations and to surprise is to be able to predict those expectations. What does your audience expect from the text that you are presenting? Don’t satisfy them. This is true for any text – a PowerPoint presentation or a narrative essay: understand your genre and what your audience is waiting for in that genre – and do something else.

Without a surprise, an unexpected twist, without deceiving your audience you don’t have a chance to be remembered. The fact that things, in reality, are not what readers expect them to be, makes your story interesting.

Write as a professional

Do you like how words appear on paper? Does the process make you smile? Well, you fail.

We already mentioned that if you are happy with your writing, you are a bad writer.

If you are happy and having fun while composing – you are doing it wrong: a good writer is a perfectionist. This means that he hates his creation most of the time. But that is good because a hunger for perfection forces you to re-write. A happy writer gives little effort to his masterpiece.

A true creation is like a baby. It is beautiful inside out and is pure happiness. But it is born in struggle and suffering. Same should happen to an excellent text. Work on it, hate it, suffer for it – and it is going to bring you to success!


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